WE HAVE MOVED. After more than 10 years of living life in a rural part of south India, we decided to move.

Over the past few years as some of our kids have moved onto junior college and university, it became clear we must provide access to a good English medium elementary and secondary school for all our kids.

We have moved onto a new campus in the Hayathnagar District of Hyderabad. We took the summer holiday to move our entire program onto a campus shared by an organization called Word & Deed. The campus is a busy place with a large elementary/secondary school, a Trade School with five areas of study and a small dairy.

As the kids waited to be measured for uniforms, they were given a series of assessment tests to see where they should start in their new school. For the first time, our kids are attending a school with all the other kids in the community. They are making friends, learning in English and settling into their new dorms on campus.

We have a new computer lab with a printer and finally have access to quality Internet service. We will move our small dairy to the compound and work together with the onsite dairy to create a full-size commercial dairy that will serve the surrounding community.

There are remnants of an organic farm that once thrived on site. We plan to renovate the three greenhouses, update the power structure and be ready to plant by the summer of 2017.

These programs serve as job skills training for the kids in agriculture, animal husbandry, farming and how to run a business. We are constantly evaluating and creating avenues to teach our kids a new skill. We are excited to be in a new home and look forward to a new adventure.