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The most successful partnerships share a vision and purpose, building trust and recognizing the value of everyone involved. Hope Now is consistently building partnerships in the public and private sector. This framework of bringing together government, business and local communities is crucial to our success.
Hope Now is a certified partner with Google India working with their philanthropy arm Benevity. Google volunteers work with our kids throughout the year, mentoring, teaching and spending time together. Hope Now has been an official partner with Google since 2014.
Thanks to IFFCO-TOKIO we now have a computer lab with 10 computers and 2 printers. We will continue our working partnership with IFFCO-TOKIO for the next calendar year to broaden our job skills training programs on site.
Last Triumph is an independent record label in the Minneapolis, MN area. As part of our ongoing strategy to raise our visibility in the area, we have been working with companies like Last Triumph who work toward the common good of equity and sustainability.