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Education Changes Everything

We are committed to a quality education that will bring a stable adult life for all of our children. All the kids are enrolled in an English-medium school through high school. Upon graduation, college or a trade school depending on their goals and skill set. Hope Now pays 100% of all school and university fees including housing and school supplies.

When you join Hope Now in sustaining the College Scholarship Fund, you invest in a child – in their future, their hope for a life filled with promise and the power of possibility.

Meet Samuel – a kind, generous, intelligent big brother and college student. Samuel came to us with skin stretched tight across his bones, too small for his age and too weak to walk far. In time, he strengthened, grew and shaped the story of his life to suit his dreams. Samuel is now in his last year at Sree Dutta Institute of Pharmacy working toward a masters degree in Pharmacology.

Partner with Hope Now and be a part of a life changing experience.