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We Are Creating a Library

We are creating a library

Reading expands the mind, fires up the imagination and opens doors to knowledge.

Why a Library?

Studies have found that developing a reading habit while we are young improves critical thinking skills, memory and comprehension over a lifetime. In addition, it significantly reduces stress. We have decided to create an in-house library, providing the kids with a wide range of books that will strengthen their study skills, broaden their vocabulary and improve their English language proficiency. Equally important, it is just plain fun to read a novel every now and again.

We are currently working with a local NGO that creates small libraries around the city to help in our design of the space, creating a reading list and sourcing the books.

All of the books will be in English. A command of the English language is a critical part of our kids overall education. This skill is often required to secure a good paying job as adults. Our resident tutors, Solomon and Sujani are currently interviewing all of the kids to create a “wish list” of books, topics of learning and what they want the space to look like.
Once the survey is complete, we will begin with the design, library index, time-line, budget and overall plan for completion. Working in partnership with expereienced, local professionals provides the expertise and credibility we want in creating a new program.

We are very excited about the endless possibilities a library will bring to our kids. Engaging them in the process is a great learning experience. It gives them ownership of the space, the books and creating guidelines and oversight for the library over time.

Over the next month we will create the following:
– Design
– Book Inventory
– Budget
– Time Line

We look forward to reporting on our progress over the next several months.

Thanks for being part of our family. Happy Spring! Feel free to pass this on to anyone who has a heart for children.