We create programming to elevate our kids in Indian society. The stigma of HIV in India is a roadblock at every level of life including education, access to health care and employment.

Running a home for dozens of kids with various interests, goals and skills can be chaotic and challenging. By working together with mentors from the business community, local faith leaders, other like-minded organizations and government officials we have built a strategic network that serves our kids at each stage of life from elementary school to the transition into an adult life.

Tailoring Tutor

We brought on a tailoring tutor this year. She will work with several of our kids who have an interest in becoming a tailor. This one-on-one teaching will enhance the skill level of each of our students and ensure they are prepared for a job when the time comes. Bhaskar wants to make men’s clothing and open his own shop one day.

Partner with Hope Now and be a part of a life changing experience.

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