We create programming to elevate our kids in Indian society. The stigma of HIV in India is a roadblock at every level of life including education, access to health care and employment.

We create programming that creates jobs. Not all our kids will go to college. We work to build on site job-skills training programs that will provide the knowledge and expertise needed to sustain an adult life. We work and coordinate with business owners, government officials and leaders in the community to create pathways for our kids to find jobs, and when they are ready a community that will welcome them.

Tailoring Tutor

We brought on a tailoring tutor this year. She will work with several of our kids who have an interest in becoming a tailor. This one-on-one teaching will enhance the skill level of each of our students and ensure they are prepared for a job when the time comes. Bhaskar wants to make men’s clothing and open his own shop one day.

Partner with Hope Now and be a part of a life changing experience.

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