Hope Now < Another year behind us

Another year behind us

Hope Now Annual Report 2021

Time is a brisk wind, for each hour it brings something new.” – Paracelsus

Another year and many lessons about life, what it means to be family and finding joy in the small things.

At last, all of the kids are now back in a real classroom and life is returning to some kind of normal. The pandemic made another round through the home, but all the kids are vaccinated and everyone is doing well.

We reached a number of milestones this past year which you will find in our 2021 Annual Report now on the website. Included in the report are the financials for the year. Transparency is important in the nonprofit world. We thank all of our supporters for their belief in what we do and spend 100% of all public donations on our kids.

We had 8 of our kids find full-time employment and move into their own flats. That is a first of many. They are missed in the day-to-day but we see them frequently for a family meal, cricket game and just hanging out.

We have a lot of teenagers, all of whom are now thinking about what they want for the future. A lot of planning, discussion and research goes into helping our kids figure out their path. The staff and our 2 full time tutors put in the time with each of the kids on a regular basis to create goals and steps to reach those goals.

Life continues and with each day we realize more and more how important our ties to each other are, especially through two years of a pandemic. The lock down in India was severe and strict. We had only each other and when 48 kids are trapped for that long creativity is needed to find the joy in the small things. We spent time in the gardens, spruced up the cricket and volleyball fields and spent countless hours in the computer lab.

We look forward to another year of firsts as more kids enter higher education and others graduate from college.