Hope Now < Join the Party!

Join the Party!

It is time, once again, to invite all our friends to join us for a night of great music, some awesome food truck options, a silent auction and an opportunity to impact a child for good.

Hope Now welcomes you to our annual fundraiser to benefit the amazing children we serve.  We will gather at:

Lakes & Legends Brewing Company
on Friday, September 15
starting at 8:00 pm
with local band Good Morning Bedlam showcasing their musical genius.

Download and share the flyer

Fundraising is difficult work – how to tell our story, who do we tell, where do we tell it. Hope Now is the bridge to a better life for our kids. We work throughout the year to keep our kids engaged in school, keep their dreams alive of going to college or becoming a tailor and opening a shop of their own.

All of what we do takes commitment, time and money. Without people to support what we do, our doors could not stay open. We work diligently to keep our budget in tact, be good stewards of the gifts we have been given and we do a tremendous job with what we have.

We also understand we need to create opportunities to build, grow and invest in our programming to be more sustainable over time. This year we are focused on bringing the remnants of an organic farm and greenhouse that was operational in the 90s. We want to create a farm to table produce business on site serving the Hyderabad area. This business will also serve as a job skills training program for our kids and kids from the surrounding community.

Join us and create a world where kids in the developing world can dream and see those dreams become reality.