Hope Now < Giving Tuesday is Almost Here - What will you Give?

Giving Tuesday is Almost Here – What will you Give?

We have a story to tell. This is a love story. This is a dream story. The story of what can be if we all work together. We will not settle for a smaller story. We must go beyond what is and reach for what is needed. In partnership, we can build a world where success is possible no matter where we come from, no matter our station, circumstance or geography.

Our story started nearly 12 years ago when a sister and brother were left in a small hut with their dead mother. She died of a “disease.” That disease was AIDS. The villagers were frightened and uneducated about HIV/AIDS and would not accept these two HIV-positive orphans.

Hope Now began when those two children came to live with us. It took us two years to build our home – within a year we were at capacity. Some of our children were abandoned at railway stations, hospitals and bus stations. Our job is to not let these facts determine outcomes.

Hope Now is in the dream building business – we build the dreams and our kids follow through. They need all of US to keep travelling on the road to a successful future. The bedrock for success is education. Hope Now provides an English-medium education from kindergarten through college, trade school and on site job skills training programs.

On this Giving Tuesday – consider a partnership with Hope Now. In this season of giving it is important to remember those who are not born to opportunity, resources or security. Hope Now is growing. We need your help to sustain programming that supports a group of amazing children who decide every day they will go beyond what life handed them at birth.

We are selling dreams – what will you buy this holiday season?

text @hopenow to 52014 to donate from you mobile device